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   Emergency Empowerment
when healing or Magick is needed
there is no charge for this service
just remember nothing comes with out it's price
if you wish to make a donation
it will be welcomed thankfully
Breathe deeply, focus
place your left hand on mine(seen actual size)
Call on all the Powers that be...
Believe miracles can happen
strength & energies course through you~
Placing you hand on the place or person needing to be healed (even yourself or your own Soul)
will instantly allow the Higher Powers to flow through you....You might feel heat on the soles of your feet, your temples or your hands There might also be a chill that runs through you or goose bumps. Don't be afraid. Allow your intentions for the highest good to flow through.

Healing will not always make things better but it will always make things more bearable.

Love is the greatest healer of all. Let it come from your heart....

Reverend Mary " Great Bear" Arthur
Divine Light Ministries
Intuitive Healer
Reiki Master, Animal Communicator
"Denying none the blessings of the Universe/God/Goddess"
Healing energy transmissions every Monday at 10-11pm Pacific Time
just email your request
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