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Mary Arthur
astrological interpretations
natal, past life
event &relationship
Tarot Cards
AstroMind Online Magazine
American Astrologer
SideReal Times
Continuum Magazine
Shamanic Practioner
Energy or Charka Balancing
(Chi or life flow energies unblocked)
Soul Retrievals
Healing energies


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Zoid's Links
astrology entry page(under construction) warning thekiss (oil painting) the Fire(oil painting)
turkey tales   the Magick of Caring the farm's pictures Bunny Dew Farm Element, Gender, Modality, and Orientation women & beauty Using Flash Cards to Learn Astrology Mars Part 2 Mercury Part 1
Mercury Part 2 Earth Meditation Air Meditation The Moon Prayer Cl oths Mars Part 1
 Planet Pecking Order the Artist's Path Herbal Oils & Tinctures Venus Part 1Free healing offered How to wash wool