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Once upon a time
there lived a tom turkey. 
He had outlived all his turkey wives &
finally took a red hen as his bride.
The red hen was so proud to have the biggest
most handsome rooster
in the yard as her own.
Alas, the little red hen could just not
compare to the one the old tom really wanted
no matter how hard she tried.
The little hen would watch her rival walk out onto the grass on the other side of the fence so slowly. Her labored breathing so much like the soft whispers of the hen's mate. Bent slightly forward her veined, spindly legs exposed by the colorful cotton dresses she always wore.
Poking out  the back like a tail, a lacy white slip always peeked out from under her hem.
Excess flesh hung alluringly under her chin.  Loose drapes of flesh formed the under sides of her arms, making her all the more appealing to her ardent admirer.
From her mouth always hung a cigarette., so reminiscent of
a hard, smouldering beak just ripe for the passionate pecking of foreplay.
 Poor Tom  always strutted so proudly
& spread his tail
making the sultry, seductive, puffing noises of courtship to the
wonderfully exciting
woman of his dreams.
Little did
our neighbor realize
just what he was asking for
or, on second thought, maybe she did.
To be truly loved is a joy.
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