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Summer Afternoon
    I heard the phone ring, as I was dusting the perfume bottles at the pharmacy where I worked. It was almost closing time, I had to get the clean up done before I left for the night. I heard the tremble in the voice of old Mike the pharmacist, and the sound of the rotary phone as he dialed Kevin's number. I wondered what was wrong. We worked with arial rescue, and I knew Kevin was one of the volunteer pilots.
        I had met Kevin just a few months earlier, when he had hired me on the spot for this job. I had just left my husband and really needed to get the money coming in again. He had also recomended me to the new bar owner next door, so I worked part time there too. Kevin and Dr. Tom were some of my best clients at the bar, very much the gentlemen, but attentive and flirtatious. They both made me feel feminine, appreciated, something I needed since my husband had left my fragile ego a little damaged. Thier tips were always generous, welcomed, and needed. The divorce was expensive, but I wanted no traces left of my husband.
         Mike was pale as he finally hung up the phone. "I need you to meet Kevin and Dr. Tom at the airport. There has been an accident at the old sheep camp and they are flying out there. Hurry!!!"
         He handed me a small package filled with the supplies they might possibly need. Since it was so close to closing time I took my car. I knew the way to the small airport. I could hear the sound of the little twin engine as I pulled into the parking lot. Kevin smiled as I handed him the package. 
          I blushed and swallowed hard as my eyes caught small yellow plane pin striped distinctively with swirls. No one could ever forget those markings, and I had seen them before. Both Kevin and Dr. Tom grinned as I suddenly lost my voice. Thankfully neither said a word. The doors closed and they were off. It took a minute to regain my composure, how embarassing.
          It all suddenly made sense. Kevin had recognized me the day I came to the store looking for a job. The tips, the admiring glances, they knew. It had been my husband's idea, not mine. I had always been afraid to tell him no, always enjoying the wickedness he managed to bring out in me, but frightened by it too.
          We often went down to that sheltered canyon with it's sandy beaches, shady scrub oaks, and little stands of willow. The river was clear there, not too deep, and warm enough to be comfortable for most of the year.The day was hot, too hot to be out on the desert even this close to the water. I sprinkled some water onto my face, dribbling a little down on the old button shirt with the sleeves rolled up. My tanned legs just barely covered by the almost too short cutoffs, I waded out into the river. Dan followed me.
           We hadn't been married long. His lean, well muscled body and his bright blue eyes were beautiful, a perfect foil for his wicked soul. He never ceased to amaze me with his delightfully, decadent desires and with how knowingly he fulfilled my passions. He unbuttoned the old shirt slowly, first teasing a youthful nipple through my flimsy wisp of a bra.
His fingers knew just how to arouse my tiny nipples, to make them twist and harden with desire. Exposing the one, he leaned down & playfully suckled, never taking his hand from the other.
          I was always amazed at the practiced dexterity with which he removed my bra, just a quick flick & it was undone. It joined my shirt, idly tossed to shore. I was nervous, not comfortable being almost naked, even in this secluded little place. His hand unbuttoned my cut offs. His eyes never leaving mine as he slid them over my smooth thighs, first off one foot, then the other.
           I trembled as he looked at me, carefully studying every inch of my body. His clothing joined mine on the sandy shore. His hands slowly explored me, arousing my most intimate desires in spite of the surroundings... His strong fingers toyed with my hard little nub, and found my opening ready for him...
           He picked me up and carried me to deeper water. He laid me back onto the water, placing my knees onto his strong shoulders... His tongue finding it's mark, as my right hand gently spread my lower lips to make access that much easier. I saw he eyes constantly darting to one of the stands of willow. A tousled shock of blonde hair just visible made me quiver and tighten. I wanted to hide, Dan wouldn't let me move, he held me tight.
             He kept on with what he was doing, my body unconsciously trembling, begging for more but my mind wishing no one had seen... I could stand no more as his fingers penetrated just below where his lips held me, urging me on to climax. I stifled a scream and relaxed into the waves of orgasm, sputtering river water as I lost my ability to float.
             Dan laughed and called out to that tousled shock of hair "wanna join us?" He was a little shorter and a little more stocky than Dan, his top lip and chin covered with whiskers that matched his hair. His dark eyes a contrast to the sun bleached lightness of his hair. Looking at the crotch of his levis, I knew his answer. His pants were left on the shore along with the white t shirt, that covered the bulky muscles of his chest. I could tell Dan liked the looks of that large cock, that well formed physique. His own responded by growing even larger and deeper hued. I have always believed with a little encouragement, it would not have been just me enjoying "strange men".
              The familiar hand caught my breast, fondling and squeezing me just a little more roughly than I would have liked. The other man watched almost drooling. My goosebumps weren't just from the water, I wanted what ever it was Dan had planned. I knew he was offering me to this gorgeous creature, and I wanted them both. I hated myself right then, knowing just how much I loved sexual play, the overwhelming sensations of my personal pleasure. This would be a new experience, one to be remembered.
             The calloused hand was soooo gentle as it touched my nipple, it was all I could do to hide my desire. I looked into the dark eyes and smiled, trying to ignore what was going on. "What should I call you?"
             "aaaaaaahhhh, Buddy", Dan pushed my breasts together, holding them there. Buddy teased them with his tongue, then gently nipped with his teeth. I could feel Dan's cock pulsing against my back side, totally enjoying the scene... again we moved to the deeper water, Dan supporting my head, placing my knees over Buddy's shoulders this time. It was a masculine hand this time holding me open, exposing my tender flesh to this stranger, tugging my young flesh taut.
             The heavy droning of a small yellow plane broke the near silence of the moment. It turned and flew lower. Dan still held me there, proud of the one who was his, of what he possessed. The plane passed over once more as I wanted to flee, wanted to hide. As it passed this time, the wings tilted as if to say thanks and flew on.
         MMMMMMMMM...aaaaaaaahhhhh...yyyeyeeesss!!! As much as I tried not to, I had to give into the moment. Buddy's eyes smiled as he looked across at Dan, knowing just what he had invited him to share.
          I finally quit shaking enough to turn the key in the ignition. I squirmed against the dampness my memories had created, wishing I didn't need that job so much......