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Alone with my thoughts

    My dark eyes sparkle knowingly, remembering those desires that can never be forgotten, retracing footsteps that never should have been.
    Not a day goes by that he doesn't cross my thoughts. I am constantly reminded of what we once had, what I wish we still did. Some things I will never share with another in quite the same way. It has been so long, so very long, has memory changed it all, made it something it never was?
    For us it could never be any more than just what it was, an imagined dream for both of us. Just letting a wistful smile cross my lips, will I ever quit missing him??
    I will never forget the first time I heard him, his murmured longings, etching his voice forever in my mind. The way he had looked at me when the game had turned to desire, like I was Venus arisen from the foam, just for him, no one else but him. No one was more beautiful than me in that moment, what a totally empowering feeling.
   The musky male scent and the subtle aura of dominance, he was the wild stallion of my dreams, the gentle puppy begging for my caress, and I wanted him, to be mine always. He responded to my touch like no other before him. His smooth muscles quivered at my touch. His strong tongue on the palm of my hand, the scrape of his teeth... soooooo gentle, yet sooooo demanding. How could I resist, not give in to his desires? I wanted him to want me, to belong to just me.
    I had watched him with sooo many, the amourous, agressive, yet playful courtships, always stopping just on the verge of consumation. I knew that in the shadows, he gave into his wanton, very masculine desires, just never so I could see and I do soooo love to watch.
    The caress of his lips was soooooo soft as he nuzzled the small of my back. I could feel my tiny nipples tightening, my body responding instantly to the attentions so long denied my sensitive body. This was not how I was supposed to respond, my soft feminine aromas sensed and appreciated before my brain could stop my subtle reactions. taking a moment out from feeding the rabbits, I straightened my back, pulled down my soft worn t shirt, and turned to face that old tease.
    He didn't move. He raised his head and wrinkled his top lip, taking in the scents of my moistness, knowing he had caused it. He knew instinctively just what it would take to have me, to make me his own.
    Cradling his head against my chest, my fingertips tracing the outline of his ears, stroking his long wavy wool, as the scent of ram oozed from the most beautiful sheep I had ever known.
   I looked deeply into those amber eyes."Yes, Freckles, I am yours... but not this way"

   Kissing his forehead, I offered a handfull of corn and he gratefully acccepted, knowing we were too different. If only he had been human......
(Freckles died in his sleep 7 yrs ago after spending 13 yrs at my farm. I still miss him. )