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The Magick Circle:
A New Look at Astrology
Imagine a moment in time, a portrait of the Universe, 
a grouping of signs and symbols scripting your destiny. 
Imagine being able to interpret the promise of the Heavens 
and master the whims of the Universe. 
With the this publication, the first volume of the Magick Circle series, 
a novice in the realm of the hidden arts or a life long devotee to the occult sciences 
can glean simple and diverse understanding of the Karmic connections that influence us all. From an intuitive understanding and different point of view 
using a combination of the ancient, the traditional, and the imagined 
along with the pure inspiration life has to offer, 
Ms. Arthur guides you safely through the doors of your own Soul. 

Common every day words and laymanís language make this first offering 
a welcomed addition to the reference material of all those who take astrology seriously.

This offering is a wonderful reference guide
whether you are a hobby astrologer
or the professional looking for a different perspective on the why's
& how to's of relationships.
Intimate secrets are tactfully revealed as you learn to
look into the Souls of others &
discover your Self through those you
attract into your life~

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