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AstroMind Magazine
   September 27, 2000      Issue #40

M. E. ArthurBeginning Astrology: 
Mercury~our connection to the world
Part 1
   This curious little planet is found in the same sign as our Sun, or in the sign before or after the Sun. It shows where we can communicate or convey our thoughts, it governs intellect, speech, language, and the rational mind. 
    It also shows the forces or planetary actions that are available to be channeled into learning. Thus forming the foundation and wealth of knowledge for the rest of our lives. Badly aspected or not expressing it's self correctly, Mercury brings learning disabilities or problems with comprehension. It is a planet to be watched especially in very young or school age children. 
    For those studying past lives, reincarnations, and Karma, Mercury interfaces with 
Saturn and Jupiter to point out Karmic debt and how it might be best dispelled. Mercury shows how we evolve and how we apply our experiences to our present life circumstances. 
    Mercury is a personal planet, showing how and where our own needs should be taken care of when it comes to self expression and understanding. 
Mercury's Element
    The element this quirky little planet appears in shows a lot about how you think and communicate. 
      Fire shows independence and inspiration, getting almost contagious enthusiasm.    
      Earth indicates solid, practical, and pragmatic (some times boring) verbalizations and conceptualizations. 
     Air is witty, logical, and spouts a lot of theory (as opposed to actual knowledge or experience, most of the time). 
     Water, ever the intuitive, the romanticist, the mystic expresses wisdom, understanding, stimulating and entertaining the world with a vivid imagination.
Mercury in the Houses
     The House where Mercury appears shows how the capacity for learning and communication is best expressed.  If doing Karma finding, it shows how relationships
are stimulated by patience, understanding, and communication. It instructs the individual how best to work out Karma. (Mine is in the 3rd house showing for me I must writing & teach others.)

First House: your outward appearance,  mannerisms & personality

Second House: attitudes towards possessions & wealth

Third House: writing, teaching, acquaintances, record keeping & story telling

Fourth House: family, heritage, history, pride of origin

Fifth House: children & creativity, adventures or personal relationships

Sixth House: learning to care for one's self, remembering the past, & relating with     
                        the elderly

Seventh House: alliances, conflicts, interpersonal relationships

Eighth House: discovering the mysteries of life, phobias and unusual desires, finances

Ninth House: religion, beliefs, travel

Tenth House: occupation, reputation, integrity

Eleventh House: belonging, being part of, group affiliations & friendships

Twelfth House: fantasies, taking care of unresolved issues, dealing with pain &      

© 2000 Mary E. Arthur All rights reserved. 

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