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AstroMind Magazine   June 2, 2000     Issue #36    

M. E. ArthurBeginning Astrology: 
Planetary Pecking Order
(when planets take on the characteristics of each other)
     We are taking a detour. Instead of going on to the next planet, like I had planned. I want to go into a little advanced astrology momentarily. For those of you learning, this might seem a little confusing. Trust me, it will make your interpretations a lot more exact and personalized. 
      For those already practicing, I am covering shadings NOT shadows(which is reading the chart either upside down or via oppositions to get a clearer picture of what lies under the surface of a client/querent.)
     Look at the aspect graph. If it helps, hilight the planet rows as you go along. As strange as it might seem, not every one can read graphs and chart easily. So if this exercise seems confusing and awkward, remember it takes a while before our minds decipher this little lines & glyphs and are actually able to translate them into coherent information.. 
     Where ever you see an Opposition, a Square, or a Conjuncture,  the lesser of the planets being aspected will take on the traits of the more powerful planet
     A Opposition, Square, or Conjuncture with Pluto will give any planet a Scorpio tendency. 
     Neptune adds Pisces to all other planets but Pluto.
     Uranus adds the melancholy, rebellious Aquarian traits to all but Pluto and Neptune.         
     Saturn colors Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun with essence of Capricorn
      Jupiter brings the playfulness, benevolence, and luck of Sagittarius to Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun
      Mars brings the dominant nature, restlessness and other Aries attributes into Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun
      Venus brings the Taurus materialism and sensuality to Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun.                   
    Mercury adds the quick wit and the intelligence of Gemini to the Moon and the Sun. 
    The Sun and the Moon change nothing, just bringing illumination. 
    In charts that are heavily aspected, reading the shadings, the intimate interactions of the planets, will yield much better insight than just looking at the surface.
    I have chosen a chart whose Mercury is aspected. I have hilighted the intersecting graph sections. The Mercury is in Libra which will give us one set of traits. 
     By noting the Square to Jupiter, Sagittarius appears. The Opposition to Saturn brings in the powerful, dutiful, and some times opinionated Capricorn.
     Ignore the Trine to Uranus and the Sextile to Pluto, these will not add shadings even though these are very definite aspects to be looked into during the over all interpretation of the chart. 
      So instead of just having the elegant, educated fluency of Libra for our Mercury, we have the playful, compassionate Sag and the earthy, grounded lover of the Sea, Capricorn adding individuality to the one being analyzed. 
      It is such a simple thing to do that after a little practice looking under the surface just a little will make your clients marvel at how well you know them. 


© 2000 Mary E. Arthur All rights reserved. 

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