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AstroMind Magazine   June 2, 2000     Issue #36    

M. E. ArthurBeginning Astrology: 
Mars Explained 
(part two of two) 

If Venus is the bait; Mars is the trap set and the intentions of the trapper. It is the hook or the reward. In women, it shows the type of man she is drawn to and the signals she will send out to lure him to her. Interactions between Venus and Mars form the attraction and the course taken when a relationship begins to develop. Actions send out signals that attract a partner who might respond in the same manner.  
     The house that Mars appears in will tell you a lot about how love is expressed and how aggressive tendencies are played out. It will also show you where these aggressions or conflicts will occur and how they will be dealt with. 

First house: Here we find ambition, courage, and chivalry being displayed.  You might often find yourself doing things before you have the time to think about just what you are getting yourself into. It is here we find heroes, those indulging in selfless acts for no visible reward but there is reward, self respect and pride in accomplishment. 
   Fighting, conflict, and competition are truly enjoyed. You can be quarrelsome, demanding, quick tempered, and at times down right nasty to those around you. If something comes too easy it is not valued, and once a desire is gained or accomplished, you will set out for a new challenge.
   You hate being bored and feel a need to start lots of projects, many of which go unfinished, unless delegated to some one who will complete them. Adventure and travel beckon to your wild untamed soul, and you want to feel free to go off on a tangent whenever the urge arises.

Second house: You are a hard worker, having tremendous earning power, and a brilliant mind. You patiently and lovingly accept all the responsibilities life sends your way. You are an excellent parent although demanding and you donít put up with much nonsense. You understand the practical, the necessary, usually thinking of imaginative fantasy and the abstract as something best left to others. You feel it is your duty to amass money and material possessions, holding dearly to what you possess. (Although you donít mind sharing with those in your care)
   You are passionate in all your pursuits and never do anything half way. You are stubborn, persistent, and holding out till a job or goal is accomplished no matter how difficult it might become. Some might be frightened by your intense nature and strict dedication to what you believe is right. Often vindictive when wronged or betrayed, you seldom forgive or forget trespasses even when you believe you have.

Third house: You want to be free to do and think as you please. You are quick witted, intelligent, and have an abundance of energy that needs to be channeled constructively. You tend to be too critical and are not very understanding or sympathetic to the thoughts and feelings of others. If this macho energy is not balanced or controlled, you might be seen as hateful and sarcastic.
    Nervousness, apprehension, lack of trust in others, and cynicism plague you. You tend to project your fallibilities and attitudes onto others without realizing what you are doing. You personalize criticism and hurtful comments, tending to imagine the worst in yourself whether it exists or not. 
   You are friendly, mischievous, and love to joke and tease. You are fun to be with but tend to have little respect for hierarchy or authority, making you a bit of a ďbadĒ influence. 

Fourth house: You are intense, emotional, and very sensuous. You appreciate the pleasures in life and enjoy all things to their fullest extent. Your home life is likely to be a shambles and/or difficult. A troubled childhood might be indicated. 
   You think you deserve to have your own way and when you donít, you are an expert at temper tantrums and making life miserable for those around you. You are irritable and impulsive, and tend to lash out before you have time to think. Aside from that you are a loving and giving family member, who is nurturing and loving (almost to the point of being smothering at times.)
   You are ambitious, imaginative, and courageous. No task is too great for you to tackle and you accomplish projects with dedication and unusual ease. You tend to follow and trust your instincts and are a good judge of character when it comes to friendships, lovers, and business dealings.

Fifth house: Here we might find the gambler, the adventurer, and those needing to live right on the edge. Speculation and illusions of grandeur for the future might bring, spark your innate optimism. You approach life with a fearless courage that is borderline heroic. You fail to see the danger in some of your endeavors, never believing something can hurt or go wrong until it does. 
   You are ambitious, self assured, and intelligent. You are not lacking in ego and come across as a dominant, powerful force able to overcome any obstacle set before you. 
    You are loving but demand fidelity even when you are not prepared or able to give it. You are a passionate person who demonstrates affections flamboyantly and easily. Rejection is something you donít have much experience with, which is just as well, since it is not something you deal with well. You expect to be pampered, loved, and admired, not understanding when you are not.

Sixth house: An older companion, spouse, or some type of antiquity might hold your heart and your interest. You might be drawn to some activity involving the past whether it be collecting, preserving, or studying items of historical interest or archeological value.
   You are a hard worker, capable of the finest detail work; untiring even if the labor is tedious. You have a brilliant, analytical mind, and often excel at abstract and scientific pursuits.
  You strive for perfection in yourself and in others, even though the ďbad guy or wanton womanĒ might attract your fancy or your friendship. You are polite, well mannered, and a whiz at organizing any social activity. You love being correct and formal. Your home is most likely a showplace with absolutely nothing in disarray. Tidiness is almost a fetish with you, and messiness is just not understood, much less tolerated.
   You put too much value on the monetary worth of things and individuals, loving to have others praise your good taste in having expensive and tasteful possessions. A good salary lures you romantically much quicker than a good heart and a good body is expected to go with that income. You donít see how superficial and transient the things that attract you are, overlooking the truly worthwhile on many occasions, and never realizing it. 
   You might be high strung, nervous, and fidgety. There is a tendency to spend a little too much time comparing yourself with others and trying to maintain your status quo. No matter how accomplished you are there is a constant urge to be better. It is truly hard for you to be satisfied with yourself, or with anyone else for long.

Seventh house: Here we have a contradiction, you are torn between being in control and letting others bully you into submission. No matter which gender you are, you have a tendency to empower the opposite sex, letting them manipulate and dominate you and the situations you are mutually involved in (encompassing all possible relationships). 
   You are ambitious but prefer to be part of a team or group rather than to work alone. Solitude bothers you and is not often sought out. You are a very capable person able to project a confident, professional demeanor in almost all circumstances. You are seldom flustered or caught off guard, maintaining a mature aloof image no matter what might be thrown your way. 
  The law and codes of conduct intrigue you, you like to know and understand why others behave as they do. Nothing perks your interest or inspires you as much as having a competitor or rival. You tend to see the good in others, and the silver linings rather than the dark clouds. You are optimistic and seldom fail at anything you do. You accept delays and obstacles in stride and donít discourage easily. 
   You are affectionate, loving and like to be involved in challenging, almost impossible, sexual entanglements. You are passionate, persistent, and patient making you a very accomplished, sought after suitor.

Eighth house: This is a bad place to have Mars especially if it is negatively aspected. If your Mars is in this house, the best thing you can learn is self control. You will be a very volatile, easily ignited person possibly prone to violent outbursts. 
    You are almost irresistible to the opposite sex, a charming, passionate lover who is fully capable of satisfying the most demanding and/or perverted partner. You are open minded, but possessive and jealous, not only expecting but demanding fidelity and appreciation. If not tempered by other planets, you could come across as, or have a desire to be, brutal to the point of being sadistic. You are forceful and rough if not careful to control your passions and your desires.
   You are a powerful, charismatic person capable of leadership. Your ambition and determination are prized by those around you. You excel at business ventures and are capable of making decisions on the spur of the moment, making you an effective executive type.

Ninth house: You are a true sportsman, drawn to the chase and the conquest.  Competition is seen as just another perk of your existence and you thrive on it. Games are a passion and you do love to play and enjoy life as often as possible. You feel you have to be the best at what you do and you are always being put in situations where you have to prove yourself. Stress and deadlines bring out the best in you, allowing you to shine, no matter what your chosen endeavors.
   You move and react quickly with out much need of forethought. You are impetuous and tend to act on emotional whims, impulses and hunches rather than rational reasoning or premeditation.    
   Your instincts seldom fail you if you just learn to trust them. You say what you think and believe, as a result, others might see you as tactless and a little too frank. You like to be right and will defend your opinions even if no one shares them.
   You love flashy displays, extravagance, and the good life and are willing to work for it. You enjoy travel, adventure, and the social scene and want to be free to pursue your dreams.

Tenth house: You express your self through your labors, your occupation, or your avocation. It is hard to separate what you do from who you are. You are enterprising, industrious and capable of succeeding at anything you try. You are better at giving orders than taking them but can comply with the wishes of others if you deem their demands worthy. 
   You are self reliant, and quite capable of functioning well under the most adverse and demanding circumstances. You have tremendous will power and can resist any temptation no matter how alluring it might be. You strive hard to maintain your dignity and your honor and want others to admire you and be proud of your accomplishments.
    You enjoy having things, not just nice things, but anything that has any value to you and a lot of things that donít. You take pleasure in acquiring material assets and most likely will be a collector of some type, treasuring all that comes your way. 

Eleventh house: You prefer the company of male companions, loving to debate, argue and jostle playfully with your friends. You thrive on conflict and dissension, preferring anger and hurt feeling to inactivity and boredom. You are an excellent employee and enjoy being part of team, always supporting the end objective rather than personal agendas. You tend to be superficial in your friendships, but are loyal to the clubs or organizations you belong to. You support group consensus and eagerly and openly embrace political orientations set forth by the majority.
   You are fun to be with. Your enthusiasm for any new pursuit is contagious. Your impulses, moods, and personal preferences tend to vary according to the circumstances and just who is involved in an incident. Your actions and responses make it seem like you do support the idea of a double standard even though you might not realize you do.

Twelfth house: You are a loyal, dependable, imaginative worker. You work silently, very seldom receiving recognition for what you do or accomplish. You might tend to be a little frail compared to most and not quite as healthy as you would like to be. 
   You do take lifeís obstacles in stride although if life gets tough, addictions and fantasies will always be there to give you escape.  You really do have to work at avoiding addictive behavior of any kind, since it is easier just not to start something than to have to give it up. 
   You are romantic, tempting, seductive, and easily seduced. You love all facets of sexuality, the more forbidden the better, and are wonderful, passionate lover. You love hard and are hurt easily.
   This is the most dangerous Mars placement of the Zodiac. Imagine if you will a wild beast caught in the guise of mild mannered passiveness. Most of the time, those volatile temperaments and passions can be controlled. The few times it is not, which usually come in later life, during a transit of Pluto or Saturn can be disastrous for all concerned.

© 2000 Mary E. Arthur All rights reserved. 

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