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AstroMind Magazine   June 2, 2000     Issue #36     Page 2

M. E. ArthurBeginning Astrology: 
Mars Explained 
(part one of two) 

If Venus is the bait; Mars is the trap set and the intentions of the trapper. It is the hook or the reward. In women, it shows the type of man she is drawn to and the signals she will send out to lure him to her. It is the interactions between Venus and Mars that form the attraction and the actions taken when the relationship begins to develop. Your actions send out signals that attract a partner who might act in the same manner. 

Aries Mars: Fiery, impetuous, spontaneous, you make your intentions clear and are never subtle. You love the chase and are attracted easily, losing interest the minute things get boring. You love things that have to be fought for or about, the more some one else wants something to more desirable it is to you. 
   You are most likely involved in sports or some type of competitive activity, striving always to do or be the best. You are a very good sportsman as long as you come out the winner.

Taurus Mars: You are earthy, understanding, comforting and soooooo sensual. You love your home and family protecting them to the best of your ability. You want some one to care for your every need. You expect to be cuddled, coddled and well fed, and never have your right to receive such treatment questioned. You are a good and loving provider unusually patient with those you feel are yours. You hate rivalry of any type, hating to be challenged for the rights to what you feel you possess or have a right to think of as your own. Possessiveness and jealousy are just part of who you are. You never willingly give up on anything or anyone.
   You love nature and all it's creations. You will probably have property or at least a garden and more than likely animals. You tend to think of animals as having human responses and try to treat them accordingly. 

Gemini Mars: The gifted orator, able to talk about anything convincingly. You have many interests, and know a little about a lot of things. You come across with a cool confidence that effectively hides those butterflies in your stomach. You might tend to be nervous, flighty and a little too high strung to be comfortable to be around most of the time. 
   You are very persuasive, using your eloquent manner and your tactfulness to get others to respond the way you want them to. You probably excel at story telling and at writing skills and delight in awing people with your talents. 
   You are witty and playful and respond more to flirtatiousness, and witty banter than to sexual overtures. You love word games and double meanings. You are an amiable, fun to be with companion, playing the courting game well.

Cancer Mars: You are sensitive, secretive and caring. You are nurturing and protective to any one who might need you. You love to pamper and baby those you care for. You might be a little overly attentive and possessive making some around you uncomfortable or openly rebellious.
   You are very sexual, loving emotional, feely relationships. You are looking for a good parent for your future children and a comfort in your old age. You are very security conscious and might have a sizable little nest egg squirreled away.
   You love special occasions and holidays always making them special with gifts & celebrations. Keepsakes are treasured possessions whether an extravagant diamond or the first drawing from a child, one having no greater value in your eyes than the other. 

Leo Mars: You love a grand display of dominance. You are loving, showy, and think of your self as a prize. You might be a little self centered and selfish thinking of yourself first; believing you should be treated like a king/queen. You love to perform and are amazingly charming.
   You love to send flowers and gifts to those you love or are trying to impress. You love companions you can be proud of and show off. You are always friendly and affectionate and respond well to anything that strokes your ego. 
   You loving being the dominant respected provider expecting to be served by those around you with out question. You are proud of your children or any one you have mentored, as well you should be, you are an excellent teacher and usually a good example. You are patient and understanding with children even though you do expect them to maintain a certain standard of behavior.

Virgo Mars: Shy, dutiful, you thrive on any type of service. You love to care for and to clean up after. You do your best to keep your surrounding neat and orderly; thinking everyone should strive to keep the Universe clutter free. You tend to be critical at times, more than willing to point out the flaws in others.
   You love to fix things; often finding yourself attracted to others in need of your services. Appearances are not as important to you as how things appear. You are drawn to respectable, loving good manners, practicality, and reliability. Anything proper really attracts your attention.
You look for and expect perfection unless you feel you can improve the person or situation you are drawn to.
   You love to be spoiled by some one who pays as much attention to detail as you do. You look for ways to improve your relationships, and love to make yourself indispensable. You do have a tendency towards co-dependence loving to be part of, rather than just yourself.
Libra Mars: The consummate diplomat, you find yourself thrown into the role of negotiator or peace keeper more than you would like to be. You can see both sides of an issue and try your best to stay neutral. You have tendency to let others dominate you especially those you are drawn to in some way. 
   You are idealistic liking to believe others are as honest and open as you are. You don't like hiding things and might act impulsively, not letting your better judgment kick in first. You always say what you think, even if it might hurt feelings.  You do love the good debate, or as others might call your style, argument.
   You are gracious, charming and seem to understand the feelings of others. You love to listen and respond well to beautiful words. You are social, good looking, normally well dressed and have excellent manners. You are a classy smooth talker who exudes gentle charm. You send flowers and tend to choose intimate gifts.
    You prefer to be one on one with some one and hate to be alone. You are not happy unless you are with some one else. You love mental and verbal turn ons and find physical overtures beneath you.

Scorpio Mars: Persuasive, sensual, passionate, this is just a few of the words that describe you. You have a persistent, invasive way about you that seldom fails to win over those whose attentions you seek. You should be easy on the eyes and admired by many. You are strong willed and possessive and desire the same thing in your mate.  You are very intense and intimidating to some.
   You are secretive and are drawn to the occult or metaphysical and quite possibly have a fascination for death. You love power struggles and view them with almost a seductive attraction.
Mysteries of any kind are a turn on; hints are more enticing than direct overtures.
   You are quick to anger and vent hurting yourself more by your tirades than the person they are aimed at. You have to guard against becoming sadistic or brutal, always remembering to allow your sensitivity to temper your aggression.

Sagittarius Mars: Wild, fiery, impassioned, you hate being tied down. You need to feel you are free to do as you choose. You love the game and the conquest; it is not so much the prize but that you have won it. You are easily manipulated by those you pursue, much like the hound being led by the hare. You want to like and be liked by the people you love.
   You love to challenge others with your ideas and persuade them to see things your way. You might act a little too quickly, too eagerly, and too aggressively. You tend to say what you mean with out thinking of the results of your proclamations. You love a good debate especially if you convince some one of your superior mental capabilities.
   You value equality and don't usually harbor or understand prejudice. You love to laugh and play the clown, although in truth you are most likely the wise, understanding philosopher knowing laughter brightens the soul.

Capricorn Mars: You are well organized and like to follow a schedule, expecting things to fall into the proper order. You are responsible and know the value of hard work. You love the finer things in life, but don't make a show of what you own.  You respect and strive for money, position, power and status. You are careful to plan out and orchestrate all you do, seldom acting with out a lot of forethought.
   You seem to be aloof and with drawn but really are just hiding your sensitive vulnerability. You don't usually commit yourself to any relationship until the other person has made it know you are wanted. You have trouble showing emotion leading others to some times believe you are unfeeling or just don't care.

Aquarius Mars: You are the adventurous one drawn to anything new or exciting. You love to shock the world with your novel inventiveness. You thrive on being different and spurn family traditions, no matter what they might be. You might be a little too superficial most of the time.
   You are an excellent team worker or player, able to work for the common good rather than self glory or gratification. You will join any group or activity that catches your fancy, almost to the point of leaving no time to be just you.
   You are not emotional and maintain an air of cool detachment. Logic rather than emotion determine your response to any given circumstance. You do have a weakness for conflict, and will deliberately cause dissension amongst your friends for the joy of watching the scene play out.

Pisces Mars: The dreamer, the mystic linked to the Universe, possessing an almost uncanny ability to tune into the secret motives and desires of any who dare come close. You tend to slip into fantasies, or some other type of escapist behavior when you find the reality a little too harsh for one as sensitive as yourself.
   You are a hard, willing worker who will labor with little or no recognition other than a job well
done. You might tire easy and tend to be a little frail compared to others. You are sympathetic and compassionate, always favoring the underdog or the one who comes to you first with tales of woe. You are quick with a hug, sensitive and vulnerable. You might actually be shy or appear to be coy. You love to share your feelings and have the ability to touch souls with your insight and wisdom.
   You are drawn naturally to anything secretive or romantic. The mysterious intrigues you and the occult fascinates you. You might find your self tempted by the darker aspects of life, delighting in imagined wickedness that would rival the most perverse.

© 2000 Mary E. Arthur All rights reserved. 

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