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AstroMind Magazine   April 4, 2000     Issue #34      
M. E. ArthurBeginning Astrology: Venus
A Guide to understanding Desire
(part one of two) 
    Venus attracts the people and things we love and need in our lives. It is the embodiment of that which is responsive and feminine in ourselves, our personal magnetism. Venus allows us to examine and explain the things that turn us on. She is ruled by two signs, the earthy, sensuous Taurus and the airy, shy, indecisive Libra. Through Taurus she attracts the things that make us comfortable, sustenance, substance, and pleasure. Taurus forms the way we appreciate and value what we have. Libra brings the way we socialize, our interactions with others. 
     It is how we deal with love, sexuality, desirability, sorrows, and accepting responsibility for one's own actions actions. It is not seeking the mate but the lover, the friend, or anything that makes her feel good. It is the part who flirts with those she sees her reflection in. It is looks for response not bonding. It is the flower, the nectar, the sweet berry amongst the thorns. It is the Goddess in each of us that is sought after and wooed by those who desire what we have to offer. 
      A man's Venus will show what he ultimately desires in a woman and will some times show how he goes about attracting what he needs. A man seeking a Gemini will become very adept at kissing hands, while one enamored with Taurean ways will bite gently, and sometimes not so gently, with special attention paid to necks and shoulders. 
     Venus is a very weak planet and picks up influences from those planets aspecting her by conjuncture, opposition or square. The impulse or projection of the aspecting planet will show up, gently and some times not so gently coloring the behavior displayed. Always pay attention to these colorings or shadings, it will add depth and understanding to any reading. 
First read the element that Venus is in. 
Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will be impulsive, courageous, active, fiery, feisty, very active and very apt to say it like it is. 
Water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are emotional, invasive, imaginative, capable of sensing your moods and reacting to them, prone to nourish or erode, sometimes doing both at once. 
Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are comforting, patient, sometimes smothering, stable, predictable, sensual and very good with the hands. 
Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are very mental, flighty, nervous, wordy, liking to get you involved in conversations or activities, they are interesting and usually capable of keeping one totally fascinated.
Venus in the Signs

Aries Venus: Intelligence and quick wit are readily evident, followed by a cunning, cute playfulness, meant to both attract and tease those willing to play your games. You are always starting something new and lose interest easily. You make your intentions known and are seldom subtle. You are competitive to a fault and like to win at all costs, no matter who gets hurt in the process. You are prone to passionate displays, and can get carried away with the moment. You long most for those things you must pursue and cherish most the things you can not possess.

Taurus Venus: You are sensual, patient, and a little too showy, fond of jewelry and nice clothes. You love your home, wanting to surround yourself with as much comfort as you possibly can and graciously sharing with who ever you happen to be around.    You tend to a mulish stubbornness, only seeing what you want to in any given situation. You love animals, plants, rocks, anything having to do with nature, welcoming them into your home like treasured possessions or valued friends. Others might see this as a little strange. You tend to think of all living creatures as just other humans trapped by the bodies they were born into.  You are warm, nurturing, mothering, and a good provider. A valiant courageous foe to any who might threaten you or yours, surprising even yourself with your ferocity.

Gemini Venus: You love words. Connecting to the mind is far more important to you than it should be. You are quick, imaginative, and quick-witted, able to spin a most convincing yarn if need be. You can talk for hours and never cease to be interesting. 
You are the consummate flirt, able to charm even the most cold hearted into your corner. You are usually easy on the eyes, having well defined features.  So many things draw your attention; you have to guard against having too many things going on at once. You love to be involved, to be a part of, as much a team player or a leader. You are happiest when the world is admiring your brilliance and you are too busy doing things to think about who you truly are.

Cancer Venus: You are the secretive, enveloping lover/mother, who loves to pamper and nurture, cultivating dependence when and where ever possible. You love to protect any one or anything that comes to you wounded or needing attention. You would rather tend to the needs and wants of others rather than your own, some times appearing to be the self sacrificing martyr to others. You take pride in your home and your family valuing them above all others. Your ways are naturally compassionate and you are very insightful into the thoughts and emotions of others. You value the past, your heritage and try to always keep a link to your mother and your roots, giving up a lot sometimes to maintain them.

Leo Venus: You normally have a beautiful, mane like shock of hair tumbling loose when acceptable or if male drawn to the wild tousled free look. You love praise and expect to be pampered and catered to by all that surround you. You love the grand gesture and would prefer a romantic carriage or a limousine for transportation to an important occasion. You are the natural performer able to adapt yourself to play any scene necessary to accomplish your goals. You are warm, intelligent, naturally attractive, and helpful when it suits you. Children and the elderly love you for the charming, clown like whimsy you can conjure at a moment's notice.

Virgo Venus: The shy, dutiful, charmer working so hard to keep the world a tidy place. You give of yourself deeply, happiest when you are taking care of some one or something that is special to you. You love to care; to come in after a mess has been made and make those involved presentable again. There is nothing you would not do for your family. No job is too menial for you. You work best and take pride doing things most would not consider doing.    You are clever, witty, interested and interesting to be with. You have excellent manners, always polite, and tend to be a little on the conservative side. You can adapt to any situation and are always willing to compromise or go along with the crowd as long as it doesn't compromise your high ethical standing.

Libra Venus: You love to feel you are a part of a couple or a group. You hate being alone or feeling some how left out. You are very socially adept and well liked by everyone you come in contact with. You are always understanding, able to see all sides of a situation but find your self at odds with yourself when you voice an opinion. You hate conflict especially misunderstandings but constantly find yourself right in the middle of them. You are indecisive, and when finally forced into a decision, you wonder if it is correct one. You are never quite sure if what you think is what is what is best for any or all concerned. You love to listen to others, the more dreamy and romantic the story the better you like it. You like to give attention to just one at a time, having their complete attention while they are with you. You give the illusion of the sweet, innocent but alluring companion content with teasing camaraderie rather than passionate romance.

Scorpio Venus: You are the most passionate, wonderfully invasive lover, easily the most seductive Venus listed. You are compelling, sincere, caring, fully capable of being totally absorbed into a relationship or situation. You come across as sexy, seductive, excitingly primal, almost irresistibly enticing with your raw but cultivated animal magnetism.
   You are incredibly intense, able to decipher the most cryptic nuance of any given situation. Others feel you can look into their souls, reading with incredible accuracy their every thought. You love to control those around you, appearing the slave master to those who fail to notice how willingly and freely those slaves serve. You can be jealous and possessive and even cruel if provoked. You are quick to inflict rage on any who dares question who you are, or your right to behave as you do. Each time you do lash out though it is yourself you hurt the worst. You tend to pout and wallow in self pity if allowed to; especially if you feel left out or slighted. Usually the offenses you perceive others having committed are strictly your views of what happened and there was no intention to hurt you at all.

Sagittarius Venus: You prefer the company of friends but are the fool hardy impassioned lover when given the opportunity. You delight in seducing those around you vanishing quickly at the first mention of commitment or love. You need to feel free in any relationship but will seldom take notice of that which secures you if the lead is left long enough. 
   You feel and hurt deeply carrying your wounds openly for all to see, stubbornly refusing to let even the smallest wound heal. You are the first to comfort and console others, understanding intimately just how tragic feeling and experiencing can be. You can guide others through the roughest experiences since you know instinctively how to pass on survival methods.
   You love having friends to pal around with especially those that share your love of adventure. You are the natural clown or the most intense philosopher, able to bring a laugh or a tear with equal ease. You delight in challenging the beliefs of others, not so much to prove you are right but to show them there might be another, better way to deal with things.

Capricorn Venus: The capricious smile might hide a problem with your teeth as this part of you like your knees tend to be weak or pronounced. You are usually sure footed and a natural leader. You can as easily share the burdens of a friend as you can share his joys. Your patience and perseverance make you an excellent parent or employee.
   You can organize any event and delegate with out making any one resent being drafted into service. You pride yourself on being dependable, always there when needed, and on time. You are hard working and usually mature early, taking on more than your share of responsibility.
   Frugality comes to you naturally. Others might see you as a bit of a miser but you like to be prepared for the lean times. You tend to be a bit overly cautious when it comes to finances or activities if you are given time to think. Caught off guard, you rise to the moment as the frivolous, playful companion you truly are.

Aquarius Venus: You are the unique, nonconforming eccentric who would love to change the world. You are inventive and open minded capable of creating the very things others fail to see or find impossible. 
  You have to feel you are independent and that you are making your own decisions. You tend to appear to be aloof and uncaring when in fact you are protecting your feelings. You love but tend to prefer the platonic to the intimate. No matter what you are involved in you always set the rules, the standards by which others must play your game.
   You can look into the future, visualizing clearly the changes that must come about to create and encourage progress. You like to fight for social causes that are destined to bring about revolution and social unrest. You are part of the whole rather than the individual when it comes to your life choices.

Pisces Venus: You are the coy, shy introvert, most likely beautiful in an enchanting, ethereal way. You have very deep feelings and express them easily, sharing with any one who will listen. You are very aware of your shadow self and try to keep this part of yourself hidden from others. 
  You are mysterious, elusive, and prefer your romantic affairs to be secret from the prying eyes of the world. You are self sacrificing, giving yourself totally to all you feel deserving of your time and energy. You have to guard against letting yourself become what others want you to be, ultimately destroying the fragile, unique you that is truly who you are.
   You are good at imagining. Often your fantasies offer you escape from the world you really wonder about belonging in. You love to live in your dreams and are drawn to the occult or fringe beliefs. You are a natural empath, sensing the pains and emotions of others like they are your own. It is part of your calling to help others understand and accept their own "ghosts".


© 2000 Mary E. Arthur All rights reserved. 

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