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Herbal & Floral tinctures & oils
A simple & respectful way of making them

   Tinctures can be used in making bath salts, cosmetic products, in herbal medicine making(only if you know what you are doing) & for many other things like imparting the essence & quality of the plant into the practice of "Magick".
   Oils can be used in the bath, in massage, & in making a variety of soap & cosmetic items. Like the tinctures they impart the essence & qualities of the plant or gem to the person they are being used on. (caution, herbals should never be used during pregnancy or where there might be a  harmful reaction.)

When using purchased essential oils, 10 drops per pint of oil used is what I recommend. Commercial food quality colorings may be added, but do detract from the integrity of the product in my opinion.
Medicinal strength when using in a therapeutic bath (use no soap or detergent, just soak) is 3 drops of essential oils to one teaspoon of carrier oil.
The recipe below is used full strength in baths & massages but can be diluted using ten parts carrier oil to one part of the oil we are making .
Gathering the plants correctly
(the following sections also appear in Sacred Smoke)
Speak to the plants..
              Use respect,kindness, when talking to them.
  Ask thier Guardian Spirts for permission to take just enough
to use for your intended project.
Take no more than necessary
& never more than a little from any one plant.
          Try to establish a long lasting partnership
                   with the Spirit of the Herb.
It will make the products you use & produce more potent.
           Let your intention be known...
  Let magick manifest in your  life....
Creating Sacred Space
    Although there are many ways of creating sacred space commonly sage(desert sage not the kitchen kind) is used for purification of one's self, spaces, spiritual or healing tools.
 There are many cultures & each has it's own beliefs about the smoke rising from the herbs. Different herbs may be used for different purposes depending on a person's traditions or origins.
   Respect all beliefs even if you can not embrace them as your own. Do not disrespect or dishonor any part of some one's religion or culture.
    Commonly sage(desert sage not the kitchen kind) is used for purification of one's self, spaces,
spiritual or healing tools.
If using smudge, you might try this method:
     After lighting the smudge ,
         offer it to the cardinal directions, North, East, South, & West,
                     or it can be held next to your heart.
                       Fan the smoke over your body.
             Begin by bringing it towards the heart, up to the head,
                    down the arms , the torso legs & feet.
   Bathe your space & tools or what ever it is you wish blessed with the smoke.
   You may also use smudge in healing work . When healing the mind & soul the smoke will help
make the connection with the spirit helpers.
   Smoke going skyward will carry our intention to the universe. The old & unhealthy will be purged & the attributes attributed to the plant  or plants being used will be assimilated.
   All rituals have a beginning point and evolve by paying attention to one's own feelings..The right
way feels good to the practitioner. There will soon be a strong sense of well being & personal
connectedness to the experience. A kind of a magic will begin to creep into your very soul. You will know when a pratice is right for you.
   Patience & commitment are required as with anything new...It is possible that Spirit will instruct
you through your dreams or visions if you just open your heart & mind to it..
  Don't be afraid to ask your friends or elders how or why they do something.Take a class or
two, or ask your local herbalist when you buy thier wares.
When working with any type of a ritual or spiritual pursuit be very careful as there is always a danger to the inexperienced. The spirits are sometimes very powerful .
   In all aboriginal cultures the spirits are respected & dealt with only by a trained shaman or medicine person. There are those among us who have the calling to be true practictioners of the old ways. This can be a very unpleasant experience & in our modern society is often mistaken for
phsycosis or schizophenia.
   It is best to leave these pursuits alone. If you feel compelled to follow the spiritual path BEWARE....all things are not what they appear to be.
   There is a rather malevolent manifestation that feeds upon raw emotional energies especially fear. Remember fear is the one thing that only you, yourself, can feed . The more you feed it the larger it grows. It sometimes becomes so great you can feel it taking control of your life.
    You can not escape until you turn & face yourself . You must realize your own most powerful demons are of your own making.
   Everything can be controlled if you take the time to learn the methods.Your own shadow is the hardest thing to master & the hardest to force to reveal it's self.
   Your shadow is what you keep hidden in your soul , hidden from even your own persona. Shadows make you hate. What is hate but fear, lack of understanding?. For the things we hate are the very things we fear might be in our own souls. The things we know might, if given time , find a way out.
   Our hidden thoughts, the sinister preoccupations that linger right on the threshold of reality, waiting for the opportune time to manifest- to become real .
   Subconsciously we feed them, help them grow strong in the pursuit to escape. We feel them growing . Subtly creeping into that which we call our own. Seeking to become part of some vast master plan. All seeking to devour what we percieve ourselves to be. To bring out the dark side, the
dark side that exists even in the best of us. Exists most in those who choose to deny it. Those who seem to be the most perfect are the most at risk. Beware & if you must proceed.......
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the Mystic Realm
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