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Using Flash Cards to learn Astrology
written by M.E. Arthur
   In the beginning, when you are just a novice adventurer into the stories seen in the natal astrology charts, it is confusing, very confusing. All those little symbols just don’t make any sense to the untrained eye. It is like learning a foreign language or your math skills all over again.
   Remember how you learned to add, subtract, and memorize the sounds of the alphabet?? Right, the good old flash cards and there is nothing wrong with using them now. The more you practice, the quicker you will learn. Limit your practice sessions to just 15 minutes per session, any more than that will be self defeating. You want to know them and understand them, not just have them memorized.
   This is the crawling stage of learning, be patient with yourself. It takes time to learn and if you want to you will. It just takes a little practice
1.Draw the symbols for the planets, signs of the Zodiac, and the aspects clearly and carefully.
2.On the backs of the cards write the names of each symbol. Write no more until you have the names memorized, going further at this time will just confuse you.
3. After you have learned the name of each symbol (glyph), and only then, add some key words, again on the back of the card. Make it as simple as possible.
4.Learn the words associated with the glyph. Take your time, you are learning the basics of astrology. Here you don't want to just memorize, you want to be able to comprehend the meanings of the glyphs as fully as you can.
5.All right, now make twelve more cards for the houses. It is alright to keep these in order since it is easier to understand something that does follow a pattern.
6.Study the function of each house.
7.Lay the house charts out in a circle, just as you would see them in a chart, House One being on the lower right side of the chart and House Twelve being on the upper right.
8.Add signs to each house and read the key words together. See how the different signs change the temperment of the houses.
9.Start to add planets to the houses and signs.
10. Read the keywords together seeing how the houses are altered by the planets that are placed in them. Remember to use your imagination.
11. Make them into a story. This is what you are doing when you read charts is creating a story from what you see. Astrology is an analogy, a tale of what might happen. Ultimately although we can’t change what our traits are we can change our reactions to them and chose the paths we will follow.
   The aspects and the planets should be practiced separately. I like using James Braha’s “How to be a Great Astrologer” to help decipher personality qualities indicated by the aspects, although any good book you are comfortable using will do.
    It all comes with time. It all takes patience. If you keep working at it, one day it will just be there. It will be like some one just opened a window and suddenly everything can be seen.

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