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The Magick of Caring
Miracles made simple
as written & believed to be true
by Mary E. Arthur
".....practice magic...if you listen to the word magic, it sounds a lot like imagine.
Magic can't change straw into gold.
But with magic, we can change the way we feel about things....sometimes that can change things outside us, too.
We use magic for healing..for helping..what ever you send out, what ever you create, the same kind of energy will return to you......"
from the RoundCircle, Raising children in the Goddess traditions
Some call it God, some Goddess.
Others call it chi, the Universal life force,
the higher self.
Personally, I prefer to think of it as
a gift we all possess & all can access freely.
Once a famous medicine man was asked
how one could tell if some one was a true healer.
If he will do it even if you can afford to pay him
nothing for his services.
Don't get me wrong, we are all entitled to make a living. I just feel
what is given freely will multiply & be returned.
Some times in a much different form.
I researched several methods for accessing this gift & none
were quite what I practice. Some involve too much ritual. Some call for protection
or shutting off the flow of the Universal energy while not practicing.
Not all healing is recovery, some is letting go of this life,
so hard for those left behind, who don't quite understand.
I am open to all species, all beliefs...
All I ask is patience, if you need me I am here.
if you want to learn
take the time to practice & learn...
This is not the only way, this is not even my way.
But it is safe, quick & effective....
   In the beginning, when just learning, find a quiet place, lie down or sit with your hands in your lap, not touching. Your feet should be flat on the floor or ground, preferably bare foot.
          Listen to the sound of your own breath. Breathing is very important In through the nose,out through the mouth, slow & deliberate, filling your lungs as deeply as possible. Watch your stomach, you want to see it rise. Exhale just as deeply, getting that old stale energy
out. Relax.
     Envision soft, golden, nourishing Light surrounding you, enveloping you. finding it's way into your being, the depths of your Soul.
     Imagine the bottoms of your feet rooting themselves to the warm, gentle Mother Earth. Imagine Her taking the refuse, the illnesses, all disease, transforming it magically like compost changes to rich, fertile soil. Be open to what she returns.
    Sense your hands, your heart, & your mind able to project what you have envisioned...
With the best of intentions, visualize.
It will take a little practice, it won't always work. But when it does....
Miracles can & do happen...

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