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Bear@12:15, 3-2 (GMT -7)> I was wondering if you were going to accept my invitation.... as long as you are here~ would you please hook this bra for me? The little bangle scratches if I try to do it by myself.... The hooks farthest in.. the feel of your hand against needy flesh raises slight goose bumps... nervously wondering if you would enjoy.. trembling, I turn to gaze into your eyes. Sigh....could you do my ankle chain too? lifting
my left leg, bracing it on your knee. Thank you, That would be a bit awkward with all this stuff on... & my bracklet too?
Bear@12:17, 3-2 (GMT -7)>That's right, you have forgotten or don't know me that well~My large dark eyes sparkle when I tease…..I love to play, to be responded to, to be desired… flesh is warm, comfortable, inviting like an old mare one would ride bare back..don’t mistake me for an easy ride, I demand my due
from all who seek my favor~
Bear@12:18, 3-2 (GMT -7)>my dance is no longer imaginary~ done only for a cyber audience~I am a beautiful woman, a goddess, touching your Soul with my energies….delighting in caressing you with sensual imagery, tapping into your inner most recesses…..tapping into your primal & forbidden desires~
wanting you to long for the soft flesh that beckons soo eloquantly....wanting you to want me as you do no other....
Bear@12:20, 3-2 (GMT -7)>if a move or gesture I make is something that turns you on….
Imagine it as your own~ just for you~
I am not submissive but know how to make any man feel like a Master…..
I am the Lady Enchantra~
Enticing your body but wanting your Soul……

Bear@12:25, 3-2 (GMT -7)>The entry music is slow, mystical…
I want to create an aura of blessing
Imagine each touch being done for/to each of you…male or female~
Who ever might seek blessing from the Goddess….
Bear@12:33, 3-2 (GMT -7)>I am the channel who speaks to the Universe,
Who knows it’s wisdom intimately, who touches the stars & reads their wisdom

Bear@12:35, 3-2 (GMT -7)>I am the healer who touches from the heart allowing you to believe in hope…
& I am woman, remembering the white hot touch of a lover~ wanting so much to be loved~ or at least remembered fondly~
I will caress with gesture, with guided imageries,
making love to the audience but allowing none to touch….
I can't believe how nervous I am, it isn't like you haven't seen this before....
just brushing a kiss against those soft lips, Wish me luck!!! Enjoy the show....
& please don't breathe a word about me inviting you here...
Channel created on Fri Mar 2 13:08:57 CST 2001 by Bear.