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This is a scene from the sinBin's Anniversary party~ I do hope you enjoy the show.... I did sort of have a slightly different ending planned but every one was a little too shy to play..... laughing a little...soft eyes sparkling~ the ending I had planned would have been a little out of character for poor Bear....scroll to the bottom & work your way up...

Bear@18:38, 3-2 (GMT -7)> laughing, rebel, thank you.... I am taking dance lessons in real life... any one can learn... & the costumes & make up make any one beautiful......
JuicePig@18:37, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Bear puts on a GREAT show
sphinctor@18:36, 3-2 (GMT -7)> I was referring (sp?) to Bears very vivid descriptions....WoW!!!!!
Shadowfire@18:36, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Stand and clap loudly. BRAVO!!! Bear
JP@18:36, 3-2 (GMT -7)> GRINS @BEAR
Bear@18:35, 3-2 (GMT -7)> suddenly reappearing, curtseying slightly & scurrying to the back room to change.......
QM@18:35, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *LOL* *rolls my eyes* geez Joseph..I can't take you ANYWHERE!!!!!!
rebel@18:35, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *thinks i need to learn to dance like that*
Shadowfire@18:35, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Eyeing bears lovely breasts. Very tempting Bear.*S*
badboy@18:34, 3-2 (GMT -7)> claps.....nice show bear
Bear@18:34, 3-2 (GMT -7)> the music.. grows louder & faster.... the lights change to that of flickering firelight... Bear vanishes in the cyber dust.... with a grin like a cheshire cat......
JuicePig@18:33, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *applause*
sphinctor@18:33, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Is this a cyber session here??? Should I get naked?? ~:)*
JP@18:33, 3-2 (GMT -7)> BRAVO BEAR
Bear@18:32, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Teasingly close… leaning forward… looking down at Shadow my soft breasts Touch close to your lips… shimmying back & lower,, pale flesh a sharp contrast to my long dark hair.... eyes flashing with delight…. Quickly slipping from the bar casting a glance back,
sphinctor@18:32, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *after being pulled up by QM...* Applauds and throws out a couple wolf wistles to Bear
QM@18:31, 3-2 (GMT -7)> stands and applauds Bear!!!!!! Bravo!!! ;)
FJ@18:30, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Applauding
Bear@18:29, 3-2 (GMT -7)> smiling at spinctor, bending down picking up the roses... placing them on the bar for safe keeping..... winking over at FJ...…. One quick move, high pitched giggles filling the room, landing lightly on the top of the bar…. Knees bent…
JP@18:29, 3-2 (GMT -7)> eyes Bear - @ @
Shadowfire@18:28, 3-2 (GMT -7)> JP. *S*
Bear@18:27, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Making my way to the bar…. Raising my hands high over my head…. Belly rolls, slow, sensuous.. finding JP just behind the edge of the bar... trembling, slow hip movements as I turn slowly...
FJ@18:27, 3-2 (GMT -7)> grins....OK ..hehe
rebel@18:27, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Bear, you must show me how to dance like that
badboy@18:26, 3-2 (GMT -7)> watchin' bear
QM@18:26, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *L* pokes!!!!
JP@18:26, 3-2 (GMT -7)> at least $100, FJ
FJ@18:25, 3-2 (GMT -7)> leaning over, whispering and asking Queenie.......ummmmm am i suppose to offer Bear a $20..then stuff it in her scarves?
sphinctor@18:25, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *tosses in a couple red roses at Bears feet*
QM@18:25, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *s* *whispers to Sweet Cakes*..cuz I'd be in traction...hehehe now hush and watch! ;)
Shadowfire@18:25, 3-2 (GMT -7)> bravo bear
QM@18:24, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Holds sphinctor's hands...just so I know where they are AT! *LOL*
Happybum@18:24, 3-2 (GMT -7)> congrats rebel......clapping for Bear.....
sphinctor@18:24, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *places my arm across QM's shoulders enjoying the show....* How come you never do that for me QM? ~:)*
Shadowfire@18:23, 3-2 (GMT -7)> smile
Bear@18:23, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Tossing my hair wildly, moving more quickly..tall & proud, scarves dancing against my thighs.. playfully prancing like a proud pony….. crossing one leg over the other.. gracefully lowering myself to the edge of the stage…. Leaning forward… my soft breasts responding to a quick shimmy….. making eye contact… Swinging forward & off the stage….
sphinctor@18:22, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *sitting down next to QM...right next to QM....almost on top of QM...*
Bear@18:21, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Dropping the black cape to the stage floor…. Teasing the audience with a few half hidden glowing wings catching the air, lifting high then being tossed aside as the music changes to "I am Earth Goddess" undulating with the slow sultry beat, bare feet staying grounded…. Shoulders moving just barely.. right, left…. Biting my cheeks to keep from giggling… drawing small circles with just my control & isolation….Beginning to sway.. my long hair caressing my back… turning slowly, long slow sensuous hip rolls.. switching to figure eights "the fire is my spirit"…. a slightly latin beat picks up the tempo….
Happybum@18:21, 3-2 (GMT -7)> screwball...that is not a very ladylike if you plan on my letting you stay out.....then please sit on a stool and keep your legs crossed....geesh......
Happybum@18:19, 3-2 (GMT -7)> oohhhh....very nice Bear....*S*
Shadowfire@18:18, 3-2 (GMT -7)> nice
Bear@18:18, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Raising my arms high….. holding the inner hems of the cape…. Pulling it upwards as the tempo of the music changes…. An old Beatle's song, "Strawberry Fields" nothing is real~ I spread my arms, holding them high… hand painted silk butterfly wings are hidden inside the cape….. slowly dipping to one side then the other…. Letting the glorious colors shimmer in the lighting….. black harem pants, draped with scarves some shimmering silver~ some in the colors of the rainbow….. my cleavage barely covered by the black bra with silver beads & long flowing fringe that trembles with my every move……
QM@18:17, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Pats the chair on the other side of me...looking at sphinctor...come on sweet cakes...sit down and watch..*s*
FJ@18:17, 3-2 (GMT -7)> standing up .....watching screwball THUMP to the floor... hehe hiya queenie ....
Bear@18:17, 3-2 (GMT -7)> I turn my back to the crowd, slowly lowering the sheer veil…. Dark curls, lightly streaked with silver move with the gentle sway of my body…. Turning back to face the crowd… my reflection multiplied in the carefully placed mirrors behind me….. shimmering silver teasing from beneath the black cape…..
Shadowfire@18:16, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *S* Watching and enjoying the performance.

QM@18:16, 3-2 (GMT -7)> *smiles* at poor FJ...pats the chair beside me...come on..sit and watch Bear with me..*smiles*
Bear@18:15, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Slowly ascending the steps to the stage…. Holding thumb to middle finger on each hand….. flicking them out wards…again & again …. reaching palms skyward, stretching high, summoning the spirits of the air…turning slowly, hips moving in large circles barely visible beneath the dark robe.. arms reaching foreward~ then downward, calling forth the earth spirits… imagine a very primal spirit..calling forth the powers that be…..
sphinctor@18:15, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Oops...settles down for Bear...sorry
QM@18:14, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Applauds for Bear... *s* anxious to see her dance... ;)
Bear@18:14, 3-2 (GMT -7)> The stage light swings to the back of the bar! Soft, ethereal strains just barely heard…growing stronger then finally suggesting an entrance. A shadowy figure dressed in black emerges~ filmy veil covering my head, draping down over my shoulders…A heavy black floor length cape brushes against the carpet, tiny feet just visible as they step lightly, crossing one of the other….. hands pale in the dim light waving like slender willows in the wind.. coming in front of my face..meeting as if in prayer…. Stopping briefly by each in the audience…..bowing my head, a wistful, haunting smile faintly visible…….
JuicePig@18:14, 3-2 (GMT -7)> presenting - BEAR!!!
dreamflyer@18:13, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Hit It Bear,,, *S
JP@18:13, 3-2 (GMT -7)> TA DA - give Bear a warm welcome
Shadowfire@18:13, 3-2 (GMT -7)> setting down to watch what bear does
Happybum@18:13, 3-2 (GMT -7)> we're ready Bear......go for it.....*S*
candygirl@18:12, 3-2 (GMT -7)> challenges are much more satisfying sphinctor
Happybum@18:12, 3-2 (GMT -7)> kicks off the other heel and places that leg up on Lappers lap too.........
Bear@18:12, 3-2 (GMT -7)> OK.. a little back ground on what I am going to do.... the beginning is something I learned at the recent workshop.. blesses the area.. opens you all to the Goddess & her energies.... I had said 7:30 my time.... sooo when ever you are ready.. in real life this is just over 8.5 minutes... & of course, the ending is a little more subdued real time...
sphinctor@18:10, 3-2 (GMT -7)> The freshest candygirl!!! Come and get me if you can!! ~:)*
Lapper@18:10, 3-2 (GMT -7)> extending my hand and running along screwballs feet.....ankles....calfs.....
shedevil@18:10, 3-2 (GMT -7)> man, the only one missing is smoke
badboy@18:10, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Hmm now Cg thinks that she is in some meat market
sphinctor@18:08, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Hello JuicePig...and Bear!!!
Bear@18:08, 3-2 (GMT -7)> Schinctor!!! hello stranger!!! Good thing you made it back Shadow.... finsihing my wine quickly.....
Happybum@18:07, 3-2 (GMT -7)> hi sphinctor!
Bear@18:07, 3-2 (GMT -7)> crossing quickly to check the stage lighting.. making sure the path from the dressing room is clear.... giggggling softly, I am afraid cyber is going to leave a lot to the imagination..... checking the room ......
Happybum@18:05, 3-2 (GMT -7)> what time does the dancing start Bear?
Bear@6:33, 3-2 (GMT -7)> BIGGUY the party is tonight!!! I am still working on my performance... Do plan on being here 9 till 12 eastern time.... I think that is 6 till 9 western... I am hoping to arrive no later than 7:30.... since I do have some guests invited...
BIGGUY@23:01, 3-1 (GMT -7)> so what happened to the big party????
Bear@20:29, 3-1 (GMT -7)> noticing I must be tired... everyone must be getting ready for tomorrow night.... I was supposed to meet a client tonight, I hate it when they don't show... slipping off my costume in the dressing room, smiling softly... wonder why I always respond to reflections? giggling under my breath.... wandering off to real life....
Bear@20:25, 3-1 (GMT -7)> slipping into my costume.... checking to amke sure everyhting glitters in the right place... adjusting the top, adding push up pads to the sides...checking my cleavage.... PERFECT!!! shaking my shoulders just slightly, the fringe shimmies just right.. picking up the glow of the stage lights just right...
JP@18:30, 3-1 (GMT -7)> drops a toonie into the jukebox
JP@18:20, 3-1 (GMT -7)> gives Bear, carte blanche for her exhibition
Bear@10:10, 3-1 (GMT -7)> setting up the bank of mirror, angling them so my image is multiplied, showing off every angle of my soft vuluptuousness... Hmmmmm, maybe I should OK this with the management...
Bear@8:21, 3-1 (GMT -7)> satisfied all is well, wondering if.... shaking my head, I haven't got time to worry about it, not today... finishing up my weekly segment of predictions, sending it off.... giggling just a little.....dark eyes trying to contain the laughter, there are two ways of seeing everything...
Bear@8:18, 3-1 (GMT -7)> adding a special 8.5 minute CD to the juke box.... adjusting the sound system just a bit... the speakers closest to the back of the room have to balance the alternating sounds from the front.. making sure everything is ready in the dressing room.... wondering if props might be in order? I am not sure every one is able to visualize....
Bear@8:15, 3-1 (GMT -7)> checking the stage... adjusting the lighting, soft, not to harsh, wanting a dream like presentation....