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   September 27, 2000      Issue #40     Page X [MEMBERS ONLY]
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M. E. ArthurBeginning Astrology: 
Mercury~our connection to the world
(Mercury in the Signs)
Part 2
       Mercury is a small planet that tends to take on the traits of the planets aspecting it quit readily. If a hard aspect appears, read the indications for the sign ruled by the one aspecting. The traits listed below will just give a little insight into the workings of this ruler of communication, learning, & knowledge. 
    For those studying past lives, & Karma, Mercury is the ruler of evolution and how we can (but don't always choose to) progress on the upward spiral. I will include what each sign indicates as needing for dispelling karmic debt in this life.  It will appear inside the parenthesis ( )

Mercury in Aries: (needs to work on self awareness) shows quick wit, a sense of style & immense creativity.

Mercury in Taurus: ( must learn to make proper choices & learn to judge value by means other than beauty or monetary worth) is stubborn, loyal, & extremely tactful unless angered. Usually his words are rich & earthy using imagery to draw his listeners into the world he sees.

Mercury in Gemini: ( needs to learn to communicate, to be truthful & open, and practical) indicates lively banter, quick wit and great mental agility.

Mercury in Cancer: (needs to over come prejudice & leave behind a holier than the attitude ) tends to personalize, to read self into the words of others. A natural at adaptation, he fits in anywhere.

Mercury in Leo: (must learn humility )  conveys a sense of self centered arrogance. Nothing could be farther from the truth since this one needs the attention & good will of admirers. Believing himself sometimes inadequate, he rejects for fear of being rejected.

Mercury in Virgo: (needs to learn to be of service to others, useful instead of lazy )
is a bit of the skeptic. He believes what he can see rather than what he can imagine. Not one to act on faith, he wants tangible results from his actions.

Mercury in Libra:(must learn consideration for the feeling of others, especially partners & spouses) projects well to the public. Happiest in some artistic or creative pursuit, he delights in beautifying his surroundings. 

Mercury in Scorpio:(learn patience & allow others to make their own choices ) is mysterious & sensuous. A natural at sales, he can woo the most obstinate to his way of seeing things. 

Mercury in Sagittarius: ( learn to be genuine rather than superficial) tends to be idealistic rather than realistic. Tending to imagine the best in others, he is oft times disappointed in the actions of those he expected better of.

Mercury in Capricorn: ( set a good example, be a leader or a teacher, encouraging others to their highest potentials.) trusts too much, believing others have the same high set of morals & ethics as himself.  He is industrious, accomplishes what he sets out to do & tends to do as promised.

Mercury in Aquarius: (a high code of ethics must be maintained. Wisdom, hard won knowledge & a lot of experiences are indicated.  ) loves information, knowledge, & anything that offers a mystery. Naturally curious not much escapes his interest.

Mercury in Pisces: ( translate & understand the unknown. helps to alleviate the hardships of others if possible.) responds to challenge. Intuitive & empathetic he analyzes and soothes those in need of comfort. A bit of an introvert, with the right stimulus a dynamic & inspirational person emerges.

© 2000 Mary E. Arthur All rights reserved. 
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